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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services
Chemco Laboratory Services has been in business since the early 1989’s.
At the start of 1990’s, the laboratory started specialising in the analysis of water, wastewater from treatment plants, boiler water, swimming pool water, leaf, soil while improving method for the analysis of fertilisers and other plant foods and providing quality control services.
Nowadays, tailor-made services are offered to meet a wide range of customer needs including rush services, special packages and field services. It has established itself as a recognized quality testing facility in both chemical and microbiological testing and continues to increase its scope.
We perform analysis in the following areas:
  • Water Microbiology
  • Water Chemistry
  • Soil/ Plant Food Chemistry
  • Food Microbiology
Chemco Laboratory is well-equipped with high-tech equipment like the Flame photometer, UV/ Visible Spectrophotometer, Furnace, Closed Reflux Titrimetric method COD and Moisture Analyser amongst others.
The laboratory achieved ISO 17025 accreditation in December 2012 from MAURITAS.
Our procedures conform to APHA (American Public Health Association) and AOAC (Association of Official Analytical Chemist) Methods of Analysis.
We also participate in SADCWATERLAB Proficiency Testing round organised by Namibia Water Corporation Ltd-(NAMWATER) and FAPAS (UK) round for chemical analyses of water to benchmark our lab.
We have:
  • Over vast experience working within the hotel industry.
  • A team of dedicated and qualified scientists and round the clock support
  • Interpretation of results and after sales advice and support
  • Fast turn-around time for delivery of reports.
  • Up-to- date methods and techniques used in line with international norms
  • Large variety of testing parameters
  • Emergency response services to understand the results and implications on their systems.
  • A robust documentation and quality system in order to provide evidence of due 
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