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Product & Services


Product & Services

Industrial Chemicals

The Industrial Chemicals division is one of the major divisions of Chemco.

We serve the following sectors: 

  • Basic Industrial Chemicals
  • Sugar Chemicals
  • Food & Beverages Chemicals
  • Paint Chemicals 
  • Cleaning Chemicals

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Chemco has been in the air conditioner business since 2001 and has so far built a strong reputation in domestic type air cons. Our main brands are Galanz Supreme, EcoAir and AUX, all of Chinese origin.

At Chemco, going green is one of our priorities. This is why we have recently introduced energy-saving, high efficiency air cons ... Read more

Water Treatment

Our Water Treatment Division offers total water management services in the field of Process water treatment, swimming pool treatment, cooling tower/boiler water treatment, desalination, wastewater and potable water treatment. Depending on customer’s needs, we provide those services accordingly to meet the customer’s requirements. Chemco water treatment division is one of the very few companies ... Read more

Cleaning Chemicals

Chemco Ltd has been manufacturing cleaning chemicals for over 30 years. Our portfolio of cleaning chemicals ranges from perfumed hand soaps to destainers which are packaged in containers of varied sizes as per customer requirements. This division serves households, small businesses as well as industries. ... Read more

Sugar Chemicals

The cane industry is one of the major economic pillars in Mauritius. Chemco has always been a strategic partner to this sector and closely working together with sugar estates. Chemco is one of the leading suppliers of sugar processing chemicals of wide versatility. Our well-known products include juice clarifiers, anti-scalants, biocides, flocculants, defoamer and decolorising agents amongst others. Our long experience and knowhow in the sugar industry enables us to provide the best quality products at competitive prices. ... Read more

Laboratory Services

MCFI Lab was taken over by Chemco in the 1980’s. Chemco Laboratory Services has been in business since the early 1989’s... At the start of 1990’s, the laboratory started specialising in the analysis of water, waste water from treatment plants, boiler water, swimming pool water, leaf, soil while improving method for the analysis of fertilisers and other plant foods and providing quality control services. ... Read more