Our Purpose

Committed to making a difference for the better of our people, our performance, our consumers and our planet



Chemco warehouse handles over 500 different types of products. A small team, which comprises of the chief storekeeper and his assistants, coordinates the arrival of containers, unloading of goods, supply of raw materials to the production department, storage of finished products as well as delivery of these products to our various customers.

We work closely with our production plant to provide a rapid service to the industries we deal with. In addition, through our fleet of vehicles, we ensure delivery across the country, and on average, we move around 100 tonnes of products every day.

This speed and professionalism are due to a dedicated team, trained to satisfy our customers, mainly in the textile and hotel industry. Our staff of about thirty people ensures that we meet the needs of our customers efficiently and within 24 hours.

With an area of more than 3000 m2, and with a stock of over a hundred different hazardous and non-hazardous products, our team ensures that a proper categorisation is made in the warehouse. The use of chemical compatibility is paramount to guarantee safety of our staff. The Health & Safety department plays a key role in this respect. Strict procedures have been established and are followed for handling hazardous products in the warehouse.