Our Purpose

Committed to making a difference for the better of our people, our performance, our consumers and our planet



Production is an essential process at Chemco. Most of our operations depend on our manufacturing units and this is why Chemco has significantly invested in advanced equipment to meet the ever growing demand in the sectors in which it operates.

Upon receipt of raw materials, procedures are strictly followed to ensure rapid and efficient production. The production team receives its instructions and organizes its work according to available labour, free bins and priority of delivery. Once the product is ready, a sample is sent for testing directly to the quality controller in Chemco’s laboratory and if test results are as per requirements, approval is obtained to proceed with the production order. Chemco Laboratory Services has over 10 years experience in chemical testing.

Health and safety are an integral part of our production. Chemco has invested massively in this department and provides its employees with the necessary protective gear and equipment to ensure safe working conditions. We also have specially designed bins to withstand high temperatures and highly corrosive chemicals such as caustic soda.

All our products are tailor-made according to customer demand. Our quality controller will ensure that the end product meets the customer's requirements, whether in terms of color, flavor, packaging and price. We can produce and distribute our products in different packing sizes -  from 5L to 1000L, in bulk and in iso-tanks.

These are, among others, those elements that position Chemco as one of the leaders of the industrial chemicals market.