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Discover what some of our people have to say about working here and learn how they have sought, found and grasped opportunities at Chemco.

Yuang Ng

Being at Chemco for more than 15 years has been a life-enriching for both my personal growth and career.  Chemco is like an industrial university where my loopholes have been filled with lots of on-the-job training opportunities.  From the Administrative department to the Import & Export department in lateral with the Sales department and to-date to the Purchasing department, I have had the chance to work with numerous colleagues and be in different working environments.  During these years, I would say that to be efficient in our job, communication, team work and self-discipline are the flagships of our success.  I hope that I could continue to serve both our internal and external customers with P.R.I.D.E. (Passion, Relationship, Integrity, Development & Excellence).

 Giovanni Leboeuf


This year will be my 8th year working for Chemco and I can say without a doubt that being a part of the company has been refreshing and an excellent career choice.  Coming from a predominantly sales background, I saw Chemco as an opportunity to utilise my skills within the sales team. The company has definitely invested in me from day one, providing off/onsite training courses for specific vendors and best practices to maintain my personal growth. I am presently responsible for the sales of air conditioning goods and refrigerants amongst Chemco’s wide range of products. I enjoy my job because it promotes a broad spectrum of knowledge, personal and professional responsibility, and flexibility. I also welcome and appreciate the intensive interaction with internal and external contacts. My team members are a joy to work with and highly knowledgeable, providing our clients with the best possible service and advice. "