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Committed to making a difference for the better of our people, our performance, our consumers and our planet

About Us

About us

Chemco Ltd, incorporated in 1984 in Mauritius, deals in a wide range of chemicals and a variety of consumer goods for the local and regional market. It is a public Company listed on the Development and Enterprise Market (DEM) since 2007. It is a subsidiary of Harel Mallac & Co. Ltd.

Chemco Ltd supply chemicals for industries including paint, sugar, textile, detergent, food, tyres, as well as water treatment services. Chemco also tailor-makes products in its cutting edge manufacturing facility to satisfy the needs of its various customers. Our dedicated and qualified technicians and engineers offer water management services comprising mainly of boiler, cooling tower and process water treatment.

High quality water treatment equipment such as industrial and domestic water purifiers, demineralisation systems, softening plants, and reverse osmosis membrane systems are also part of Chemco’s offering. We are also engaged in the installation of water desalination systems for hotels, industry and particulars.

Chemco Lab is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory which provides testing services such as water and wastewater analysis, microbiological testing as well as soil and leaf analysis. Equipped with high tech equipment and backed by highly qualified technicians, Chemco Lab is able to provide a holistic support to its customers from various sectors of industry.

Over the years, Chemco has diversified its activities and represents international reputable brands of air conditioners such as Galanz-Supreme, Eco-Air and AUX.

Our company plays a leadership role in sustainable development and as such, we provide eco-friendly products like air conditioners with inverters, solar air conditioners and we are shifting from CFC’s to Anhydrous Ammonia as refrigerants.